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Cerakote Chromex  
Cerakote Chromex 


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Cerakote Chromex coatings were designed as an alternative to chrome plating for high temperature applications. It provides a highly polished "chrome-like" finish that resists high heat oxidation while protecting the metal substrate.

These ceramic coatings provide thermal stability along with flexibility, excellent adhesion, and superior resistance to corrosion. Chromex coatings provide protection up to 1100?F. Sustained temperatures above 1200°F may oxidize the coating and reduce some performance properties. Extensive testing with Chromex coatings has shown no loss of weight or deterioration of carbon steel after 100 hours at 1000°F.

Chromex coatings are designed for ease of application, extreme performance, and durability in a single
component, oven cure system.

Some recommended uses for Chromex coatings:


Product has a 6 month shelf life. 

4 oz will cover 25 sq ft at 2 mil thickness.

Quart covers 98 sq ft at 2 mil thickness. NOTE: Quart size not kept in stock--allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Application Instructions

  1. Remove all coatings, oils, and contaminates from substrate with either a de-greasing chemical and/or by heating substrate to temperatures high enough to remove coatings or contaminates.
  2. A blasted profile must be applied to the substrate to remove any rust, scale, or other coatings. This is required to ensure maximum adhesion. For best results use a dry grit material such as aluminum oxide or garnet equivalent to a 100 - 120 mesh size. Remove any sharp edges or welding slag that may create thin areas or protrude through coating.
  3. Place parts in an oven at 450°F for approximately 30 minutes to evaporate any last minute moisture, oils, or contaminates that blasting or contact with skin have deposited on surface. Do not apply any solvents to substrate after a blast profile has been applied.
  4. Hang parts to allow for best view and application access. Do not touch parts with bare skin.
  5. Make sure the Chromex is completely mixed and no solids remain in the bottom of the container. Failure to completely disperse the product will result in poor chemical ratios and product failure.
  6. Recommended spray equipment is a HVLP (gravity fed) spray gun. The use of a small spray tip pattern will aid in coating hard to reach areas without excessive build up in surrounding areas. Material does not need to be thinned. Use as received.
  7. Two applications of product are recommended for a 1.5 to 2.0 mil film thickness. In some cases a single coat will suffice for particular applications. Work from the most difficult surface out to the easiest. This will aid in reducing runs or excessive build up.

    NOTE: You may re-coat parts prior to pre-bake or cure cycle if needed. You cannot touch up parts after the cure cycle. If the parts need to be touched up after the cure cycle, the coating will need to be removed down to bare metal and repeat the entire coating process.

  8. After air drying for 20 minutes, place in a 175°F oven for 20 minutes to allow excess solvents from the coating to out-gas.
  9. With parts still in oven ramp up to 500°F (minimum) to 700°F. After desired temperature is reached, cure parts for 60 minutes. Higher cure temperatures are recommended for extreme application requirements.
  10. After cure cycle is complete, parts need to be lightly burnished with steel wool before being polished in a
    vibratory polisher.
  11. Clean tools and equipment with water.

NOTE: If parts are processed below 500°F, they have NOT fully cured. The final cure needs to take place at higher
temperatures, which can occur with exhaust heat or the higher temperature cure cycles as mentioned above.

Available in 4 oz OR 1 qt Size.  The 1 qt size is not kept in stock--would need to be special-ordered--allow 4 weeks delivery.


Price: CA$26.00


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