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Mini Silvering Kit

Mini Silvering Kit
Our price: CA$118.78


Prepares Non-Conductive Parts (Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Leather, Baby Shoes, Leaves, Flowers etc) for electroplating

Make small non-conductive parts conductive, ready for electroplating with the Caswell Mini Silvering Kit. Ideal for dipping small parts. For bigger parts, use our Spray Kit.

Eliminates the use of conductive paints and tinning solutions. Can be plated directly with nickel, copper or most other metals.

Coverage: 8 sq feet



  • Measuring Cylinder, 10 mL - for measuring the Tin for Silver
  • Cup, 16 fl oz - for diluting the Tin for Silver
  • 3 x Measuring cups, 1 fl. oz. - for measuring the Silver chemicals


  • Silver Chemicals, Ready-To-Use, 125 mL
  • Tin for Silver, Concentrate, 30 mL
  • Cleaner Concentrate, Powder, 4 oz.
  • Wetting Agent
  • Silver Remover, 60 mL

To silver plastic, glass, ceramic and other non-porous materials, this kit contains everything you require. If you want to silver porous parts like leather, plants, flowers etc, then you need to make the parts hard and non-porous first. Caswell Sealer will do this, as will any laquer based paint.

After silvering with this kit, parts can be plated with nickel or copper, then other metals as desired. You must tank plate them. Brush plating/Plug N Plate kits are not recommended, as the silver layer is thin and will be removed by the brush.

Read the instructions for use here.

In addition to this kit, you will need to supply:

  1. A few gallons of distilled water (not mineral or well water)
  2. Two clear, plastic, quart bottles (for waste disposal)
  3. Sheets of old newspaper
  4. A watch or clock with a second hand.
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