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Regular Lab Metal (LQ#37)

Regular Lab Metal (LQ#37)
SKU AP100101c
Weight 1.20 lbs
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Product Description

The ready-to-use dent and body filler that spreads like paste
and hardens into metal. And it’s even powder coatable!
Lab-metal features:

• Ready-to-use in the can — easily applied with a putty knife. Hardens quickly, simply by exposure to air.
• Aluminum-filled repair paste for patching metal and non-metal items.
• May be thinned with Lab-solvent and brushed onto the application.
• May be powder coated over — will not outgas or pop out.

Use regular Lab-metal for temp’s to 350*F, or up to 425*F for one-time exposures of less than 20 minutes. Use Hi-Temp Lab-metal for baking temperatures over 425*F, or multiple oven passes. HiTemp Lab-metal MUST be heat cured.


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Lab-metal or Hi-Temp Lab-metal
How to determine which product to use for high temperature applications 
• For powder coating processes at temperatures less than 350*F,
Lab-metal may be used (even for multiple oven passes).
• For powder coating processes in which the metal parts will never be subject to temperatures higher than 425*F,
for duration’s no longer than 20 minutes, for no more than one oven pass, Lab-metal may be used.
• Hi-Temp Lab-metal must be used in powder coating processes running at temperatures above 425*F.
• Hi-Temp Lab-metal must be used if a part is to be exposed to temperatures above 350*F for more than 20 minutes in duration (or multiple high-heat exposures).
• Hi-Temp Lab-metal must be applied in thin layers and allowed to air dry for at least 24 hours, then heat cured as instructed on the label. If Hi-Temp Labmetal is not completely dry when subject to heat, and if the product is not properly heat hardened, outgassing or bubbling may occur.