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Aluminum Wheel Finishing and Polishing Kit

Aluminum Wheel Finishing and Polishing Kit
Weight 13.00 lbs
Our price: CA$174.13
Whether your wheels have been clear coated or anodized, this kit contains the chemicals to remove both types of coating prior to polishing.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x Qt. Por-Strip Paint Remover/Stripper
  • 1 pack Anodize Stripper – makes 3 gals
  • 1 bar Greaseless Compound 120 grit
  • 1 bar Greaseless Compound 180 grit
  • 1 bar Greaseless Compound 240 grit
  • 1 large bar Black Buffing Compound
  • 1 large bar Brown Buffing Compound
  • 1 Arbor Adapter
  • 1 x 1” x 2” Bullet Shaped Felt Bob
  • 1 Facer Buff
  • 1 Mushroom Buff
  • 5 x 4” Spiral Sewn Wheels
  • 1 x 4” Loose Cotton Wheels
  • 1 x Collinite Metal Wax


The work is best done with the tire removed.

You need to determine if the wheel has an anodize film or a clearcoat.

Brush the PorStrip onto an area on the wheel, and cover with clear plastic such as Gladwrap. Leave for 30 minutes. Remove the plastic and inspect the surface. If there is bubbling and lifting of the film, then it is obviously a clear lacquer, so you can continue stripping the wheel. Covering the PorStrip with a plastic cling film helps the chemical to react faster. Finish stripping using steel wool to remove all material.

To remove anodize film, make up the Anodize Stripper by putting 5 oz of the powder into 1 gal water. Apply liberally with a brush, and allow to soak onto the surface. Rinse off with water after at least 10 minutes.

Check for conductivity using a multimeter. If the coating has been removed, then the aluminum surface should be conductive, because anodize is an insulator. Re-apply if the anodize was not removed completely.

Using a drill running at approx 2000 rpm, attach a spiral sewn wheel mounted in the Arbor Adapter.

Using the 120 grit Greaseless Compound, rev up the wheel and press the bar against it while spinning for about 1 second. Buff the aluminum in one direction, then redo it at 90 degrees.

Next, change to a new buffing wheel and use the 180 grit, and repeat the process, buffing in both directions.

Next, change to a new buffing wheel and use the 240 grit and repeat the process, buffing in both directions.

For difficult areas, use the bullet shaped Felt Bob with all the same Greaseless Compounds. Clean the bob between compounds, by spinning it against a hacksaw blade.

Using a new Spiral Sewn Wheel, buff using the Black Buffing compound, then change to the Brown Buffing compound. Buff in both directions. Use the Mushroom and Facer Buffs for difficult access points.

Finally, buff the entire wheel using the Brown Buffing Compound on a LOOSE Cotton Wheel.

You should now apply a sealer, such as Collinite Metal Wax to prevent oxidization.
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