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FastGold Solution - 24ct (out of stock)

FastGold Solution - 24ct (out of stock)
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FastGOLD is a new highly concentrated brush plating solution, designed especially for use with all types of brush plating machines, including pen platers.

FastGOLD contains over 1 pennyweight of gold per 4oz of solution, (2 troy oz per gallon) which enables the solution to plate an even layer of gold as quickly, if not more quickly, than any cyanide based product.

FastGOLD plates quickly even in cold weather – less than one minute for most articles!

FastGOLD deposits over nickel, sterling silver, silver plate, gold, rhodium, and most other similar metals. Copper alloys and steel should be flash plated with nickel prior to gold plating.

FastGOLD evenness of color is easy to control, thanks to special brighteners which help provide excellent coverage and leveling ability.

FastGold FastGOLD is the longest lasting and most durable gold money can buy!

FastGOLD is more reflective than ordinary gold, because it applies to the substrate in flat ‘platelets’ rather than in the granular structure of cyanide plating solutions.

Plating Gold Onto Stainless Steel?

Eliminate nickel plating steps and plate gold directly onto stainless steel parts using our Stainless Steel Activator for Gold. Etch with this product, then plate gold directly onto stainless parts.

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