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Liquiguard PC Primer

Liquiguard PC Primer
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Revolutionary Pre-Treatment For Powder Coating

Liquiguard®, an unprecedented water based non-hazardous, non-toxic coating developed for water proofing and rust and corrosion protection, now finds a unique application in the powder coating industry. Liquiguard’s anti-rust and bonding properties make it an excellent replacement for various phosphate pre-treatments.

Numerous benefits of Liquiguard pre-treatment are:

  1. Pre-treating with Liquiguard requires just two steps, cleaning and coating the part.
  2. Reduction in time used for pre-treatment results in better work flow and efficiency and savings.
  3. Large parts can be sprayed or brushed with Liquiguard.
  4. If rust spots are missed in the cleaning process, Liquiguard will isolate and inhibit rusting.
  5. Its non-toxic nature precludes the need for extraordinary measures in its use or disposal.
  6. Liquiguard has shown excellent tolerance in salt spray tests


Liquiguard® PC for Aluminum

Liquiguard® PC for Aluminum is specifically engineered to work best on aluminum grade products.
Liquiguard®PC Al is primarily used for aluminum, casting, magnesium, copper is proven to reduce out-gassing on aluminum substrates.

Applications Of This Product
  • Increase corrosion resistance of powder coated items.

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Liquiguard® PC is supplied ready to use and can be applied via dipping, spraying or brushing. A single base coat should be allowed to dry for 15 minutes or until tack free prior to powder coating. Depending on application method, each gallon provides approximately 750 square feet of base coat.

How To Use Liquiguard® PC

  1. Liquiguard PC is a water based, eco-friendly pre-treatment.
  2. Liquiguard PC should be stored in an ambient temperature above 55° F.
  3. Make sure the substrate is degreased, clean and dry.
  4. Liquiguard can be applied via spraying (HVLP, cup or gun fine mist nozzle) or dipping.
  5. Liquiguard PC is supplied ready to use. No diluting is required.
  6. It is essential to use a new or thoroughly clean nozzle which is free of all acids or contaminants and has a pH level of 7 or greater.
  7. Apply with an even spray that creates a light mist. Heavy spraying may cause the product to run.
  8. Make sure to cover all areas of the substrate.
  10. Let the substrate sit for 15-20 minutes or until tack-free, or place for five minutes in an oven between 375-400°.
  12. Now you are ready to powder coat as normal.




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