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SP Cleaner/Degreaser

SP Cleaner/Degreaser
Weight 1.00 lbs
Our price: CA$33.00


The correct surface preparation prior to plating is of the utmost importance. Slight traces of grease or oil, even finger prints, can completely ruin a good plating job. Yet most commercial systems use harsh alkaline cleaner that are tough to handle and extremely caustic, causing fumes and quickly burning skin etc. They can also cause catastrophic corrosion of aluminum when it is immersed for even a few seconds.

  • Remove grease, oil, dirt etc. from your parts prior to plating.
  • Safe to use


SP Cleaner/Degreaser

SP Cleaner/Degreaser is biodegradable and USDA/FSIS approved for use in cleaning around food processing equipment. Not harmful to plants, aluminum etc. and can be disposed of in sewer systems. No DOT regulations apply to shipments.

SP can be used for the removal of grease, oil and dirt etc. by simply heating the liquid to at least 110 deg F, and immersing the parts for 3- 10 minutes.

SP Cleaner is included in most plating kits. 2 lb of powder is dissolved in 4 gallons of distilled water.

Choose from 2 sizes:  2 lb. makes 4 gal. OR 10 lb. makes 20 gal.



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