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Suncatcher Plating Kit

Suncatcher Plating Kit
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Plating the came on stained glass objects has historically been a tremendous problem for manufacturers of these products. Lead oxidizes extremely quickly after cleaning, and this prevents optimum adhesion of any plating. Conventional plating shops use cyanides to optimize adhesion and other unpleasant chemicals to remove the oxides.

The new CASWELL SUNCATCHER KIT incorporates the use of two new products –

  1. PICKLE #4, which readily removes the oxides from lead, pot metal & pewter.
  2. Flash Copper™ is an alkaline copper priming system which plates directly to lead, steel, pot metal and pewter, ensuring that subsequent plates will adhere correctly.

These new systems ensure that a successful primer is applied to 60/40 solder joints, as well as whatever came system is used, whether it be lead, brass or copper foil. After Flash Copper™ is applied, the part can be 'antiqued' using our antiquing solutions (metal finishing solutions) or plated with Copy Chrome™. Copy Chrome™ can then be plated with Gold or Silver using Plug N' Plate™ kits (not included)

The procedure:

  1. Thoroughly buff and polish the came to a shine, using the die grinder and white buffing compound. Degrease in SP Degreaser.
  2. Place article in dishwasher and run the cycle as for glassware.
  3. Dip article in PICKLE #4 solution for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Rinse in fresh water.
  5. Plate for 15 minutes with Flash Copper™.
  6. Rinse in fresh water.
  7. At this point, the copper may be antiqued, see our Antiquing Solutions such as Tiffany Green etc.
  8. Plate with Copy Chrome™ for 15 minutes.
  9. Lightly buff and/or polish using the white compound and a die grinder or buffing machine.
  10. If required, plate with Plug N' Plate™, Fast Gold or Silver. These kits should be ordered separately.


Applications Of This Product
  • Plate a Copper or Bright Copy Chrome™ finish on suncatchers.
  • Achieve a wide variety of finishes by antiquing the copper plated items.
  • Pre-plate suncatchers to accept a gold or silver finish.

You Must Supply

Copper Pipe for tank bar

Copper Wire to hang items

Small amount of electrical wire to make connections




1.5 Gallon Starter Kit

Power Supply Not Included.

3 Gallon Kit


4.5 Gallon Kit


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