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Triple Chrome Plating Kit

Triple Chrome Plating Kit
Weight 51.00 lbs
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A revolution in real decorative chrome plating; this new kit has special additives which widen the operating range of the system, making the system much easier for the novice to control. The only addition neccessary to the chrome system is distilled water. A small amount of battery acid is required for the copper system.

This 3 step chrome plating kit has been designed to provide a show quality nickel, copper & chrome plate on items such as headlights, bezels, bumperettes, nuts & bolts, brackets, etc. It can be applied to copper, steel, brass, and zinc die cast substrates.

There are three different processes, each with its own tank & chemicals, as well as the Electrocleaning and Electrostripping tanks. The chrome plate is always applied over a nickel plate, which will fuse to most metals quite readily. The acid copper plating system is used as a hi-build filler to cover blemishes, pits and scratches. The copper plate can be built up to thicknesses of 1/8", and solder-it can be used to fill in deeper pits. The solder and plate is then sanded/polished and re-plated before nickel plating. This is an invaluable tool for the restorer!

Now, with the addition of Flash Copper™ to this kit, you can plate onto Pot Metal without having to buy additional kits. Pot Metal parts are plated first with Flash Copper™. They may then be built up with the regular Copper system if desired, then nickel and chrome plated.

The included Pickle #4 solution lets you plate onto lead and pewter easily. After immersing in Pickle #4, you should plate with Flash Copper™.


Cam Chain Tensioner Chrome Plated With This Kit By James Woods
Cam Chain Tensioner Chrome Plated With This Kit By James Bateman
Kickstart Chrome Plated With This Kit By James Woods
Kickstart Chrome Plated With This Kit By James Bateman
Engine Cover Plated With This Kit By James Woods
Engine Cover Plated With This Kit By James Bateman


Aluminum parts must be dipped in Zincate (not included) solution prior to nickel or Flash Copper plating.

Lead/Pewter parts must be dipped in Pickle #4 (included) prior to Flash Copper plating.

The nickel plating system will readily accept the final layer of chrome plate. The power source may be either a 6v or 12v battery or charger or a rectifier. Current is regulated using bulbs, a salt-water rheostat made from 2 metal plates and a small container of salt water, or a plating rectifier.

Nickel plating process will take approx. 30-60 minutes. Copper plate operation will take from 10 minutes to several hours if building up thick layers. The final Chrome plate layer takes only 4 minutes. Nickel & copper kits will plate approx. 60 square feet of surface area, before the anodes need replacing. Nickel & Copper plating require 1 amp per 16 square inches of your part.

The Chrome solution will plate over 1000 sq. ft/gal of decorative chrome, & for most operations should not need replacement. Solutions last over the life of many sets of anodes and are not usually disposed of. Procedures for handling these minimal quantities are outlined in the manual. Chrome plating requires 1 amp per square inch area of your part.

There are no cyanides in these systems. A system of fume control for the chrome, consisting of fume control balls is included with every kit. Full instructions for fume control are discussed in the manual.

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